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 When Covid19 hit the world, no one expected it to be so powerful and painful. Borders closed, no flights allowed, there was a pause on everything. Many of our friends and relatives from the United States were supposed to visit Israel, as one of their main plans was to place a note in the Western Wall. Each had their own reason. Some wanted to ask for health for their family members and friends, others wanted to pray for the safety and good luck for their children, coupling fulfillment, livelihood, and many more…
Each person has his own meaningful wish. 

After seeing the disappointment and fear among those that were supposed to visit, we decided to take action and give a service of hope to the people around the world. We decided to provide a service of sending prayers and requests to the Holy Western Wall.

SendMyWish sees this act as a sense of mission and pride, as we are proud of giving the people around the world the ability to have their prayers get fulfilled and united with God.

We will be donating part of the payments received to support local Israeli charities and businesses, showing them the love of our friends from abroad.

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