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עיצוב ללא שם (72)
SendMyWish took care of all our needs. Although we are christians, Israel and the promised land is a big part of our life. We wanted to send our best wishes and support Israeli citizens. If not for SendMyWish, this wouldn't be possible, thank you so much!
Brad Anderson
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I found out about SendmyWish from my cousin. I tried out the free month trial, loved the service, and I am a subscription member ever since. My favorite part is that you get notifications about every step of the process! I knew when my note was on its way and when it was inside the Wall.
David Cohen
כוכבה שלי
OMG! Just received a notification and a picture of my note Placed in the Western Wall a few days ago. Finally my prayers for my families health during this pandemic, and for my son to graduate college will get fulfilled! So glad you are providing this service, you got me thrilled.
Joan Fisher
אילן ה- (3)
After not having the option to visit the promised land for a year, denying the ability to put our Wishes in the wall, we can finally feel calm and safe that our wishes will be seen by god. I am definitely keeping my subscription, $9.99 a month is nothing compared to the safety I'm feeling. GOD BLESS.
Mary Stickel

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