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  1. Welcome to  SendMyWish  (” SMW ”  or ” app  ” or ” site  ”  ),  which  is a web application  network  application, SMW.inc ( “Company”).   

SMW  serves as a platform that allows end  users

(”  users  “) who wish  to  ask for  blessings  and  wishes by sending a note to the Western Wall,  for  themselves and for others  (hereinafter  respectively:”   blessings  ) to do so  in a way  that blessings and  wishes will be placed by  designated  couriers  in the Western Wall,   and, attend  user’s request,  will be documented.

  1. Use of the Application and Service is  subject  to  the terms of use  set forth below  (” Terms    of Use “) :
  1. These Terms of  Use  are presented  in order  to  regulate  the  relationship between  the Company  and  those  on its  behalf  and  end users

which use  the  app  (”  user  ”  or  ”  you  “).

  1. Using the Application and the  provided service through it  is your  consent  and approval  to the terms    of  use

Therefore,  they should be read carefully.   The    longer  you’re a minor and you’re  not yet  18 years,  you are   required    to  read these  Terms  together with a guardian (parents  or other  guardian)and  obtain  your consent for that.

Failure to  agree to  the  Terms  of Use by you,  whether    for  all  or  part  of the aforementioned,  will result in  you  not  being able  to use the app  for the  purpose it  was founded  for as  well  as for  any other  purpose,  and you must remove it  immediately.

  1. Create a  profile

In order to order  greetings  and wishes within  the  service  you are  required  to  identifying details  accordingly to the company’s  policies and requiring,  as they  will be  from time  to time. It is  agreed  that for the purpose of  identifying the users of the app

The company will be entitled  to  require  additional  means  of identification  such as self-photography,  photo  ID  and  all

Other means of  identification  which  is necessary in the company’s  opinion.

  1. Intellectual  Property

All intellectual  property rights in  connection  with   the  Site,of  any    kind,   including  the information,  content (description,manner  of operation and  any  other  relevantinformation and/or  data  in  connection),  data,  patents  and  trademarks  (andpatent    and/or  trademark  applications), creators rights, distribution  rights,  trade secrets,  how  the application  is  presented and   designed, as  well  as any  matter  or details relating  to the application  are the sole property  of  the  company  or  with the  approval  of third  parties. There isn’t.

In these  terms  of  use to   grant a  user or  other  party intellectual property  or  other  rights

In SMW, the  information or   content contained  ,  and the  user will  not  take any action  that  may infringe  the  rights of the company .

Do not copy,  publish,  reproduce ,modify,    publicly  display,  process,  create  derivative  works,  sell,Rent,  distribute,  transmit,or  give  to  third  parties  any part  of the application,  content and services

which are located there  except  subject to the  company’s  prior  written  approval.

If a user  uploaded various  content  to the  application,  including  in an accompanying  way  as a phosphorus  comes  out of use In the Application (”  User Content “) it hereby  grants    the Company and or   anyone  on  its behalf ,a    worldwide, unlicensed  license

Repeats,    unlimited  time,  non-exclusive,  paid  in full   and  withoutroyalties,  transferable and  given ,Check,make  use  of, store,    transfer, display,  distribute,  publish,  makeavailable  to  the  public, Perform,  duplicate,  edit,  modify,  and  utilize  user  content and data  in  any  form,  on    any  media which is,  for the  purpose of  running the  app and/or   the service and/or  their promotion.

A greeting or  wish  order,and  subject to  payment of the  proceeds for  them,is granted  to the  user  who ordered  it In full license,  worldwide,  non-exclusive,  paid  in full   and  without royalties,  non-transferable   and/or Check: make  fair  and  reasonable use  of the wish  or  greeting  video  including-  store,  share,  view, distribute and post the  video,  all  privately  and    non-commercially.

  1. Prohibited  Uses

Before using the app,  all user,    among  others,   undertakes  not to  do  any abusive use  in the  app of one  party  or  another,   including  abusive  use  of the  greeting  or wish video which

Photographed by the  courier in  accordance  with his invitation. In addition to  all of the  above,  each user hereby  undertakes  to  make  fair and reasonable use of the application and not to  perform use that harms  the application and/or  service,   including:

Make any  use  of user information  or   any  other    person,impersonate  another, register  with a  different  name, or in any way or  form. Transfer any  type  of  code  or  virus  to  destroy, disturb,  sabotage  or  limit   the  use In  the application and/or  any  of the computers,  servers,  hardware  and  software  used by the Company  or other users for the  purpose of providing  SMW and the  service  offered  there; Run any  computer application  or  other  means      to search,  scan,  copy,  or  automatically  retrieve  contents from  SMW. In  general,do not  create  and do not  use  such means  to  create  a  collection ,a collection or  repository containing  content from  A.P.A.;

Make any  changes to the greetings   including  making    any  addition changes and/or  other adjustment    which  different from the  original  greeting or  video  sent to  the  user  by the  company  or  anyone  on  its  behalf;

Make any  commercial  use of  greetings    including  the seller   and/or  lend and/or rent them    and/or upload  them and/or in it in any  use  other  than  private   use; (Youtube.com Websites    (including

in any  way  infringe  on  third party rights,   including copyrights,   trademarks,  or  any  right  

another proprietary   found in the app; And/or–Make copies   of the greetings and/or  any  other  material  which will  be sent to  you   and/or will  come into  your hands  in any  way  

Otherwise as a  result of the use of  SMW  and/service and/or  make any  use  not  expressly  permitted   on By SMW.

Any action  contrary  to the  provisions  ofthesesections  will constitute a  serious  violation of  these  Terms  of Use and  is expected

Lead to the blocking  of  therelevantuser,  to contacting  parties  authorized by law  to  handle  offenses ,this kind of  cleansing in legal proceedings.

  1. Limitation of Liability

Use of the Application and Service  is the  sole and  complete responsibility  of the user  and  is  provided  as  is no warranty    or display  of  any  kind. The  company does  not express a position on  the  information  presented  ,(As is) In the site and  will not be held liable,  direct and/or  indirect,  for mistakes,  inaccuracies,   omissions,  defects,

For proofing  disruptions, wording, etc. forthe  use  of  the application/site  and  will  not  be  liable for  software damages,

Hardware  or  any   otherdamage,    directand/or  indirect,  as a  result of the use of   the application and/or  while  using in the application and/or  as a result of the  information   presented  therein,  including  damages  that may be caused   by viruses. There isn’t.

To make  any reliance  on the views  and contents of SMW, and  any such  reliance  or  use  will  be made  on the full and  exclusive responsibility of  the  user.

The company’s  entire  practice  is  used as an intermediary  between users and couriers  and  is  not responsible on the question of the  compliance  of the blessings  and/or  the contents and/orany   other  material  transmitted  to  you and/or offered  to  you

By the  apostles,  in the applicable  law,  as  long as  there are.

You hereby declarethat you  are  clear  that the contents    and/or material  transferred  to  you in  connection  with  the  Service

(including  the  audio quality  and photography  of  the greeting  or  wish,as  needed)  Are  not supervised    by The Company is not its  responsibility  and you acknowledge  and  are aware  that the  Company is  not responsible for any damage that  may  occur

To be in connection  with the contents  and/or another  material   offered  to you    and/ortransmitted   to you through it. The Company does not perform any examination  as  to the accuracy and/or  quality of  the content  and/or any  other    material  offered   and/or

Is transmitted  to you through it,  and  in any  case,  does not display this  or  any  other data  in the app  from  any monitor and/or recommendation  and/or expressingan  opinion on the  part  of  the  company  regarding the above  suitability to the  user,  their  nature or nature.

The Company is not responsible and does not give  any  kind of view  in  relation  to the fulfillment of the blessings and/or  any obligation

or a monitor created  by the  messengers  in relation  to them.

Notwithstanding   the  provisions  of the Terms of   Use and without derogatingfrom their validity,  the  Company reserves  the right,  according  to Its sole discretion to  prevent  the  delivery  of  invitations to  content  that are of  an  offensive   and/or political  nature

and/or contrary   to any  law,  policy  or values of  society.

There may be impacts  on the  performance  of the cellular device on which  the  app is  installed, including  overuse battery ,causing the  device to shut down  and  even damaging  the  contents stored on the  device. The company  is making  efforts

In order to check and correct these failures, it  is  clarified  that the  company  is  not  and will  not be responsible for  failures.

As noted above,  if there areany,  and  that  you will  have  no  claim  against  the  company  regarding these failures.

The app does not  support all    types of devices and it is  the user’s  responsibility  to  check usage feasibility

On his device. Also,  theservice is conditional  on    available  and continuous    Wi-Fi  communications  of

The cellular device, andthe  non-existence    of  Internet  communications  or the  cessation of communication,  will  prevent the  use

In service. The  user  alone will be charged  various  charges   by the  cellular communications provider ,which  may to be charged for the  need  for  internet communication  for  the use of the application. The company  has nothing to do  with it  or and will have  no  responsibility  whatsoever in  connection  mentioned.

The Company is not responsible for  any damage you  may incur  in  connection  with the  use of  the Application/site,  including  due to  defect

or a malfunction in the engine that  starts it  or  access to  the  app or for  canceling  or  stopping  the  service.

  1. Privacy  Policy

Information we  may  collect  in  order  to  use  in SMW  services:

When you sign up for an app,  you are  required  to provide  certain  information that personally    identifies  you. It will be clarified  that You provide this  information at  your  full  responsibility  and  with complete knowledge and  that   without  giving  this information, you will  not

be allowed the  activity in the app and the use of the service. Do know  that  when  using  the app Information will be  collected  about the pages,  products,  content and  ads you  have  viewed,about  the length  of  time  you have been staying in the app and  the actions  you’ve taken  there. However  the  information  does not  personally  identify  the  user and is

Of a general  statistical  nature  only. Also,  collected on the  user,  informationlinked  to the mobile  device  from  him This information  is stored in the  system. Google-  The app  was  used (for  example,the  user  account  in And I’ll I.D.  you every  time you get in. The Company  may use the information  collected  for the  purposes  of producing  statistical  information

and its analysis and  use  of this information  for  any   purpose solely  in  violation  of  these Terms of  Use or in the  provisions  of the  Information

Any law,  including  but  not  only:

to allow  you  to  use the app  properly; o

to help enrich the service  as  well as  develop  and operate the application; o

Detection and prevention of     viruses,prohibited  uses  of the  application,fraud  or  other  violation  of  o  terms

use or violations  of  law; And/or–

By using the  Application, you  consent  to the  information collection and  use  practices    as  described


Marketing Mailing  :

You may receive   information,  offers  and  promotions  about  various products  and services from the  Company or anyone acting  on  its behalf

That might interest  you. By agreeing to  the Terms  of Use and   this Privacy  Policy,  you  acknowledge  that  you  agree

Receive advertisements  using  the  e-mail    address  or phone number  you  gave  us.

In accordance with  the provisions of the law,  insofar as you do not  intend to receive  information as describedabove,  you  may  withdraw your consent in any

Step by  replying to the mailing  itself  and removing you from the  mailing list by clicking  on  the relevant  link  or sends a message  to the  e-mail  address listed  below.

Providing information  to third  parties:

From time  to  time we may post   or share  with third parties,   including  suppliers and advertisers, information Statistical about  app  usage  patterns. This  information  will  not personally  identify  you. Without derogating from  the rights provided  as stated  in these Terms    of Use,  the Company  undertakes  to do  all

which can protect the  private  information  provided  to  it by the  user. The company won’t give my   details.

The user  to any  third  party,  except for the factors   listed  below:

if a  judicial  order is  obtained  instructing  you  to provide your  information  or information about you to  a third party; o

In any  case where  we believe that the delivery of  information  is necessary    to  prevent serious  damage  to your  body  or property  or  o

to the body  or property of  a  third  party;

If you violate  the  Terms of Use and/orperform  in  the Application,   actions  contrary  to  lawand/or  predicted  o

as contrary to law  and/orattempt  to perform  such  actions;

In any dispute,  claim,  claim,  demand or  legal    proceedings,if    any,between  you and  the  company  o

That would require disclosure of  information.

Information Security  :

The company  follows  information security    services,which  are  designed  to reduce  the  risks  of penetration Unauthorized for  your  information.   However,  it  is not an absolute  confidence, and  you are aware  that it  may come to me. C-sided  non-users infiltrate  the site  and  be exposed  to its information and take any actions.  It will be clarified  that

You are aware that  the  Company is  not  responsible and  will  not be liable   for any  liability for   damage,  whether    direct  or indirect ,and/or any  in jury  which   may occur in  relation  to the  security of the information  in  connection  with the  service.

  1. Indemnity

You undertake to indemnity    the Company, its  employees,  managers  or  anyone  acting  on its  behalf  for any claim,  demand,  damage, Loss, loss  of  profit,payment    or  expense  incurred by them  –  including     attorney’sfees and court costs    –

Due to your violation  of  these Terms  of  Use and/oryour  violation  of  the applicable   law.

  1. Ordering the  Service and  Canceling a  Transaction

By pressing the  ”  Order “button( or any  other  button which  means  pressing  it is  the same ) in that  stand. The wish or  greeting  order you irreconcily   consent  to    ordering  the  service and transferring the value fee. Subject  to   any  law, including    the Consumer  Protection  Law, 1981 and the regulations  that were  corrected By virtue of this,  the  company will not cancel orders after  ordering  them and  your money will  not  be refunded.

The provision of the service depends on transferring    the required  value  fee in full to the  company  as  detailed At the time of booking.

The company  reserves  the  right  to terminate    at any  time,  for any reason  or    without  reason,  according to Its sole discretion,  the activity  on  the  site. The  Company also  reserves the   right  to cancel  this  Agreement  on At its sole  discretion,  forany  reason or  for  no  reason    and  without  having  to  give  notice To the user. The  revocation    of  this  Agreement shall not impair the continuation  of the applicability  of  provisions  under their nature  to  remain in force  even After canceling  a contract.

The Company  reserves   the exclusive  right to  immediately    discontinue    user  use

In the Application,  at  any time,  in which  the  User  violated  the  Terms  of Use  and/or  any law  and/or  other  provision and/or

If the company decides  that the  user made unreasonable     or  inappropriate  use  of  the site.   In these cases,  no.

  1. Miscellaneous

These Terms  of Use apply to  the  use  of the Application,  content  and/or services  contained  through Any end  device.

The Company may   protest    and/or transfer   and/or transfer its  rights  under  these  Terms  of  Use, or  some Of these, without  the  need to  obtain  any consent  from the user. User  may  not do  so  without The company’s  explicit and prior  written    consent. The user  acknowledges  that  the  company  may To communicate,    at  its sole   discretion, with  various third  parties  for the  purpose of  providing  the  service and  that In this case,    the user  shall  be subject  to  the  terms  of use of those  third  parties  as may Change from time to  time.

The value for the  service and  its conditions of delivery,  will  be listed at the  time  of booking. Despite The aforementioned, you  understand  and confirm  that  the Company is not  and  will not  be liable  for any irregularities   and/or  changes to be  made In reading the blessings  and/or wishes by the  courier.

By using SMW, you  consent  to receiving  transaction  summary    documents   (accounts,  receipts,  invoices etc.) e-mail    to the  e-mail  box at  the  address you  gave the company  at  the time  of registration (“The Box”) and declares that  you know and  agree  that  receiving  these  documents  in  the  e-mail    box Yours will be considered  as receiving them by  you for all matters    including  for    tax purposes   and collection purposes  in case    of  an island

Apayment. If you  do not  wish  to  receive  electronic documents   digitally,  you  may  notify  in advance  and in writing. 

Late or refraining    from doing something    that the Company  is entitled  to do  in  accordance  with  these  Terms of  Use  or by  any  law and/or use  of  the  right or compliance  with any  right  given  to the  Company  under    these  Terms  of  Use or  by Any law will  not  be  considered a re ending  of  this  right  or  silencing. Any waiver  of the Company’s  right  or    abstention

From standing up  for her right,  will  not  be considered a give-up,  avoidance,    silencing or formation    practice  regarding  other  cases.

It became clear  that  any  of  these Terms  of  Use  were    illegal,  void,  or  unmint    enforceable.

Reason whatsoever,    because  then  this condition will be  considered separate  from the  rest of the  Terms  of  Use clauses and its  expiration will  not  be Any effect on  the  validity  of  any  of the remaining  terms.

The information contained  on  this site,  theuser’s   access to it  and  its use,  will apply  to the  laws  of the State  of  Israel.

Only and the jurisdiction in    all  matters  relating    to these  regulations  and/or arising out of  it is  asses  to the  home The competent trial in Tel  Aviv-Jaffa  exclusively.

These Terms of Use may  be  updated from time to  time,  at the    company’s  discretion  and  without  prior notice. 

Yes,  we have  the  right to  change  and worse  from  the  services ,their range and  availability and  every  aspect .Another involving  them,  without    notice. We  encourage you  to  revisit    this  page  from time  to time  in  order to

Keep up to date with the various changes.

For questions  regarding  these  Terms  of Use,  please  contact  us  at the e-mail    address  of

Any questions,complaints  or  comments  regarding    wishes for  greetings.

  [email protected]sendmy-wish.com -company mail

Regarding the  nature  of the transfer of the  request  to the  blessing or wish,   its contents, times of photography,  quality  of  photography,etc.).  

Feel free to  forward  to us  via  the email address  we  will respond

Within a  period of  time  not  to exceed 14 business days.

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